My intervention

What I bring

Every situation is unique which is why I have developed the ZEPHYR Methodology to approach each unique case in a structured manner.

It is an 8-step approach which is easy to put in place. It enables the capture and qualification of all the variables involved in the transformation project at hand as well as designing a made-to-measure action plan.

The Zephyr is a powerful, warm wind capable of melting snow. I chose this particular name for my methodology as it too is powerful and brings with it the energy and warmth to reinforce team bonds.
Zephyr method

To develop made-to-measure solutions

With two key ingredients :

Collective intelligence

Value each member of the team, redesign efficient processes using all available resources

Holistic approach

take into account all dimensions of the team’s dynamic thanks to IH and co's multiple expertise (click on : my team)

And reinforce the bonds within the team

What are my action tools ?

Does your company need to breathe new energy into successfully completing its transformation projects ?