Make a success of your next step

You are here because you are in the process of personal transformation or considering change.

You know what you no longer want but are not yet sure of your new direction ?

I bring you support in the form of a structured, holistic and pragmatic approach.

In order to discover who you want to be and how you are going to achieve it.
The ups and downs of our professional or personal lives sometimes confront us with the need to evolve. I provide support to make this transformation process, a rewarding journey for you; one that leads to success the way you define it.

I can be engaged by your company and therefore meet you in your workplace, or by you directly, in which case we work together at my office.

In times of crisis (burn out, harassment, unsuitable management style)

In order to face a particular challenge (short term)

Within the framework of personal development

In cases of career transition

My mission ?

To reconnect you with your inner self

By asking the right questions- lots of questions !

And most of all, by getting you to listen to your answers, that shed light on your personal truth, at this particular moment of your life.

accompagnement individuel transition

To redefine who you want to be

For the right reasons.

Your job does not only tell the world what you do, but more importantly, who you are.


My favorite quote : the definition of respect by Carl Rogers, the famous Psychologist.

“Respect means to believe in one’s dignity and uniqueness, in its right to choose and in its potential to overcome difficulties.”

Are you considering getting support to help you in your personal transformation ?