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de l'hypercontrole au burn-out

From hyper control to burn out: the insidious consequences of sexual abuse on professional life

One woman in five* says she has already been sexually abused. Among the hundreds of women I have accompanied in their professional development, nearly one in four has told me about a sexual assault or rape suffered, most often in childhood or adolescence. In the course of their careers, these women find themselves held back by mechanisms linked to this traumatic experience. How can these women unleash their professional potential and find the path to success?

Isabelle Henkens, sexual violence

Sexual violence: Why men need to talk

150 : this is the number that blew my mind. I am a lawyer and a psychologist and I was reading research on sexual violence.
I came across that study, unique as far as I know, whereby 377 non-incarcerated paedophiles were asked about the number of victims they made. When they molested girls, the average number of victims was 20.
For those who molested boys, the average was 150.