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Our company is mindful of employee wellness and aware of its social responsibility.

IH&co is our preferred partner to help us define and implement our policy in these fields. Isabelle provides us with a rich and up-to-date vision of related matters and proposes made to measure programs, all of which is a great confort to me...

Their team of experts is top notch and finds the appropriate way to capture staff’s attention, at all levels of the hierarchy. The appraisals we carry out at each step of the program prove its success and impact. I highly recommend IH&co to every company that is genuinely concerned about its staff’s well being and aware of its social responsibility.

Stéphanie Bernardon
Human Resources Director, Bank Santander France

As Human Resources Director of several multinationals in France, I have regularly called on Isabelle Henkens to come and support managers and staff during important transformation projects, involving profound organizational changes, such as creating shared services or merging departments.

Isabelle is able to quickly grasp the business and organizational issues at stake, thanks to her experience as a headhunter. She creates relationships of trust with managers and staff, thanks to the quality of her listening skills, her maturity and psychological training. She is a constructive sparring partner for HR Executive.

Florence Nony
Director of Human Ressources, Southern Europe, PPG.

I am thankful to Isabelle for her enlightening and defining contribution to the shaping of our policy on sexual harassment and sexual violence within Essec. She has helped us design an effective approach to handle prevention as well as sanctioning, in cases of sexual harassment, assault or rape.

Her conference on this topic was the cornerstone in raising awareness at Essec, at all levels : students, staff and management. She made it possible to design a code of conduct focusing on the Respect of the Other, and to implement an investigation process for complaints.

Viviane de Beaufort
Professor of Law at Essec, Founder of Women Essec Executive Programs at Essec

Isabelle helped us face up to a string of unexpected difficulties at a key moment of a major transformation project (merger of 2 departments and change of process) : suddenly deprived of their project leader and his number 2 over several months, the team was anxious and lost its bearings.

With her warmth of style, Isabelle managed to bring back the team's self-confidence. She succeeded in getting team members to really listen to and understand each other and empower themselves to move on to succeed. That experience strengthened the bonds between team members making them more authentic.

As for me, Isabelle ’s comments allowed me to better understand the team’s needs and adjust my leadership style in relation to them.

Jean-Pierre Poisson
Director Social Affairs, Bouygues telecom

Staff can also have their say

Feedback at Bouygues Telecom

« The work we have done together has allowed me to get to know my colleagues better and improved my understanding of their issues. It has helped us to really listen to one another, and in my case, to get better organized. »

« I am more self confident and less stressed about my responsibilities. I try to implement the suggestions made by the team. »

« Understanding the dynamic of the team, aswell as each of its members, has had an impact on the way I see myself. »

« I gained awareness about lots of things regarding myself and my colleagues. I now have concrete ideas to test out to help me work in a more relaxed way, especially with other members of the team. »

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